Our Products

 Ambulatory Equipment

  • Canes are available in wood, adjustable aluminum, several different colors, and different handle styles.
  • Quad canes offer more stability than standard canes, and come with either small or large base
  • Folding Wheeled Walkers and Rollator Walkers with brakes and a seat are available.


Bathroom Safety Equipment

  • Bathroom safety equipment includes bath benches, with or without a back, grab bars to steady yourself, and hand-held showers. A transfer bath bench has two legs that sit outside the bathtub, so the individual that cannot step over into the tub can sit down on the transfer bench outside the tub and slide over and take a shower.
  • Raised toilet seats come in several different models. The basic one that just sits on the toilet bowl, the raised toilet seat with a clamping mechanism which holds it securely to the toilet bowl, or the one with the clamping mechanism and the arms to make it easier to get up and down.


Beds & accessories

  • Hospital beds are designed to easily change the body position of the user. They are electric so the user can adjust their own comfort. A trapeze bar attaches to the headboard of a hospital bed and is helpful in changing positions, for instance pulling yourself up in the bed or sitting up.
  • An over bed table rolls under the bed and provides a nice table top for eating, reading, or writing. They are adjustable in height.
  • A patient lift is used to move a person from their bed to a wheelchair, etc. This would be a person who is unable to stand or transfer. A sling is used under the patient and is attached to the lift.


Breast Pumps

  • Breast pumps and the disposables necessary to breastfeed your baby.


Incontinence Supplies

  • Incontinence supplies are available in many different brands and styles.  Underpads, shields, protective underwear, briefs, both disposable and reusable.


Ostomy Supplies

  • We offer a full line of ostomy supplies.


Orthopedic Products

  • We offer a full line of orthopedic products including: Wrist Braces, Ankle Braces, Thumb Splints and Back Supports.


Oxygen Equipment

  • Oxygen Concentrators are used to supply supplemental oxygen. A concentrator filters and concentrates the room air to about 95% pure oxygen. So, as long as there is electricity and the machine is functioning properly the user never needs to worry about running out of oxygen.
  • There are several different types of portable oxygen systems that we have available, making it possible for a person needing supplemental oxygen to be ambulatory and do the activities that they desire. We offer small portable oxgyen cylinder systems, systems that allow the user to fill their own cylinders, and small portable oxygen concentrators.


Respiratory Equipment

  • A medication nebulizer compressor is used to administer aerosol medication to the airway. It is commonly used for the treatment of Asthma, Reactive Airway Disease, and Emphysema.
  • Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Machines are used for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.
  • Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BIPAP) Machines are used to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea as well as Respiratory Failure. The BIPAP is used for an individual who cannot tolerate the continuous pressure of a CPAP. The BIPAP senses the respiration and provides a higher pressure with inhalation and a lower pressure with exhalation.
  • There are many different brands and styles of masks and headgear that are used with the CPAP and BIPAP machines.


Self Diagnosis

  • Home Blood Glucose Monitors make it possible for a person with Diabetis to check their Blood Glucose level routinely.
  • Accesories like Lancets, Chemstrips, and Diaries are available.
  • Stethoscopes in a rainbow of colors are available.
  • Manual Blood Pressure Monitors are available in lots of nice colors also.
  • We offer a Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with a manual inflation bulb.
  • The Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is completely automatic, just slip it onto your arm, push the button, it inflates, deflates and gives you are reading of your blood pressure.


Scooters & Lift Chairs

  • Lift chairs lift and recline electrically making it very easy to stand up or sit down for individuals who have difficulty because of severe arthritis of the hip or knees, neuromuscular conditions, or general weakness.
  • Scooters come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. They operate on two 12 volt deep cycle batteries and have a range of ten to twenty miles per charge.


Skin Care Products

  • Skin care products are formulated to lesson the harsh effects of incontinence and help promote healing of damaged skin.


Urological Supplies

  • Urological supplies are available in many brands, styles and sizes.



  • Wheelchairs are available in many different configurations. Manual Wheelchairs in several different sizes, Custom Manual Wheelchairs, sized and configured specifically for the individual, Consumer Power Wheelchairs, and Custom, Rehab Power Wheelchairs.


Wound Care Supplies

  •  Wound care supplies are very effective in assisting wounds to heal.
  • There are many different manufacturers and products available.